Where to next?

In the last week since I wrote my first post, I have been in a terrible funk. I have been dealing with significant lower back pain since at least February. I initially blamed it on having gained some weight and letting myself get out of my usual shape. After a few months of nursing it with drugs and heating pads I got back in the gym and starting crushing my workouts. Initially it was just 2-3 days a week lifting with my trainer and walking 10-15 miles. Then as I started getting stronger, my usual overzealous and competitive nature kicked in and I began working out 5 days a week and walking/running 20 or more miles a week including a 17 mile overnight hike on the Appalachian trail with a friend that left me with traps that were so twisted and sore, the masseuse I saw equated them to “twizzlers”.

I kept telling myself that if I just got everything strong again the pain would go away. In addition, I went through two rounds of double epidurals in my lower discs. At one point my trainer and I thought he had pinpointed the problem when he noticed that my hip flexor muscles were incredibly tight. I quit doing significant cardio and he and I began implementing a very vigorous stretching routine. Initially the stretching seemed to do the trick, but after a couple weeks of that regimen I actually seemed to hurt worse.

I have more or less quit doing anything now. While the pain is greatly reduced, it has not gone away and I find myself very frustrated. I had set a goal for myself of reaching 15% body fat by the end of the year. I was at 16% in August of 2011 so I know that if fully healthy, getting there is well within my ability. I know I can push through the pain and even if just through diet and cardio, I could reach that goal. However, I don’t want to make anything worse and since nothing I have tried to this point has fixed it, I am at a total loss.

But then I reminded myself that we all have a daily struggle and we all have to find our own way to power through. I compiled all my recent medical records and dropped them off with an orthopedic surgeon on Monday and now await a call back to see if he thinks he can help. In the meantime I will work on getting refocused.

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