Unplugging from the virtual rat race

During the last 8 months or so I’ve completely abandoned the first rule of a wellness professional. I quit taking care of myself first. I have allowed any number of excuses to get in the way of workouts, eating and sleeping. I continuously told myself “I’ll get to it eventually and I have too much […]

Love Online – Mobile vs Desktop Dating Apps

With so much communication and general business being done on our phones these days, it only makes sense that our dating efforts would end up there too. But in an environment already so rife with challenges, how do the strictly mobile apps fair against the more traditional desktop style? Currently the most popular mobile only […]

How to find love on the internet

I began my research into the online-dating world a couple years ago after my divorce. I quickly learned a couple things. First I was outnumbered by high margin of men to women. And the less scrupulous men out there would do nearly anything to get your attention. The second was that to sort out said […]

Core values and what they mean to our lives

Every Sunday from now until the publishing I’m going to do a post relative to the contents of the book. I want my readers to get a sneak preview of what has become an incredible labor of love. I always knew these topics were important to me, but putting them on paper in a coherent […]

Mourn and move on

There are a great deal of amazing things happening in my life right now. In March I’ll sign the publishing contract for my book, I’m waiting to hear back about several potential new clients as well as a permanent gig with a company I’m very passionate about. In short, I have no reason to feel […]

Why I love Mondays and you can too

For many years I was like the rest of the world rushing my life from weekend to weekend always trying to savor those precious final Sunday night or holiday hours and dreading the sound of the alarm that signaled a new work week. Even then I remember commenting on the irony of it and how […]

Is your brain making you fatter than food is?

As much as I love teaching people new concepts, I generally shy away from using big words and hard to grasp science because I’m more concerned about the overall understanding than the nuances. But there is one element of eating science that is so important and has such a huge impact on the rest of […]

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