Episode 21 – Boris Boric Interview, Part 2

Last week we heard my friend Boris tell of being caught in the crossfire between Serbian and Croatian troops and then being separated from his family and forced to fend for himself for three days at the age of six. We heard tell of other older refugees he knew who succumbed to the stress and […]

Episode 20 – Boris Boric Interview, Part 1

I am inspired almost daily by people I meet such as The 70 year-old with the boot brace who chooses to take the stairs when the 18-year-old “aspiring” basketball player takes the elevator, or the amputee veteran telling jokes and uplifting those with fewer physical challenges or the 90-year-old being put through the paces by […]

Episode 18 – Defining Narcissism

This episode is a re-broadcast of Episode 13 from the Honestly Speaking podcast. Dawn is here again with Hector and they are talking about narcissism or more specifically how it differs from self-esteem, confidence and vanity. Thank you again for listening. I hope you are enjoying this journey.

Episode 17 – Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl

This week Dawn is joined by Kerry Cohen, the author of Loose Girl.They discuss what it’s like as a female to learn about and understand the power of sexuality but also the enormous potential for exploitation from all angles. They also talk about how it often begins at a very early age and has unforeseen […]

Episode 15 – Katie McKenna Author of How to Get Run Over by a Truck

This week Dawn interview’s Katie McKenna, author of How to Get Run Over by a Truck. She talks about her accident, long road to recovery, and more. You can find more about Katie at her website, her blog or on one of her social media accounts: Twitter: @katiecmckenna Instagram: @katiecmckenna Snapchat: @katiemac1015 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howtogetrunoverbyatruck/

Episode 14 – The Power and Pain of Social Media

Welcome to Honestly Dawn episode 14. I’m Dawn here again with my fabulous co-host Hector to talk about social media. We had some technical difficulties so a couple small slices of the discussion were edited out. One of the things we talked about was the concept of social ranking and how it affects our lives. […]

Episode 13 – Profanity and Word Power

Welcome to Honestly Dawn episode 5. I’m Dawn and I’m here again with my co-host Hector. Today we’re talking about the topic of profanity or more specifically the propensity many of us have for getting offended by certain words.  

Episode 12 – Being White – Racism, Part 3

In this final to our three-part series, Dawn describes her personal journey and asks the question of Ahmed what now?   When I was in elementary and middle school I lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the years that spanned Kindergarten through 6th grade I only remember one black student. There may have been others, but […]

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