Did you make the wrong resolution?

sunrise sunsetJust as with my birthday recently I found that waking after the holidays I was just so glad they were over. I’m ready to get back to work. However, I did find that even though I had made my resolutions late last year on a different timeline, that there was something magical about January first from a renewal standpoint. It just felt fresh and like an opportunity for new starts.

But one thing I’ve been painfully aware of is the millions of people all around the world waking up every morning hoping this will be the year it all comes together. They are trying to beat themselves into submission to a diet or exercise plan they hate and which in their hearts they know they are unlikely to succeed at.

But could it simply be that it wasn’t the plan that was wrong, but the resolution?

Everything in my coaching practice revolves around guiding people to be kinder with themselves and to relax into other possibilities for life than fitting into someone else’s mold. That isn’t to say we can’t be whatever size or weight we desire, but if we are authentic and better grounded about why we want it the entire process is so much easier and more successful.

At the end of this post I’m putting links to some news stories about resolutions and such. But the last one points out that a great deal of the problem is not having what I refer to as the right WHY. Simply put we are doing it for the wrong reasons. Book a consultation and let me help you find your reason and help you truly make this the last year for feeling the failure of the wrong resolutions.




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