Episode 20 – Boris Boric Interview, Part 1

I am inspired almost daily by people I meet such as The 70 year-old with the boot brace who chooses to take the stairs when the 18-year-old “aspiring” basketball player takes the elevator, or the amputee veteran telling jokes and uplifting those with fewer physical challenges or the 90-year-old being put through the paces by her personal trainer while she is surrounded by folks texting on their phones never breaking a sweat.

But occasionally we are lucky enough to meet someone so amazing as to defy explanation.

My friend Boris is that person for me. What follows is part one of our first Honestly Speaking Adversity segment where we’ll hear him tell of not one, but two death defying experiences the first of which beginning at age six. I hope you gain as much from hearing his story as I did.

Thank you for allowing me to share the first part of this amazing young man’s story. Please join us next week when we hear about the unexpected tragedy that led to him spending his 25th birthday in a coma with his doctors warning he would be unlikely ever to wake and see his toddler daughter again.

Thank you again for listening to this week’s broadcast. We look forward to joining you here again next week and hope you are enjoying this journey.

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