France, Tragedy and Life

The last couple days as I drive around town there are American and Texas flags at half mast all over Austin. Today I was busy contemplating my own personal troubles when I passed a set near my home. It suddenly struck me in a very big way (for about the millionth time in my life) how precious our time here is.

Every day I interact with people who are so caught up in their lives and weighed down by the details and minutia of the daily grind that they are not living their lives. Even that saying has become so overused as to be trite and cliche. I spend nearly all of my own waking time (and probably a lot of the sleeping time too) trying to figure out how to get my message to people so I can help them. Our world and the people in it are in so much pain and what these flags have made me think again is how terribly wasted that pain and angst is.

I’ve never been to France and don’t know anything about the lifestyle there. However, I can’t help but wonder how many of those killed woke up that morning consumed with any number of dumb things. None of them had any clue what the day held for them and I can nearly guarantee that every one of them would have done something differently if they had.

Austin is an unusually healthy city. At least it is more so than other parts of Texas and the country in general. And yet there are still so many people walking around unhappy about their appearance and their weight. They spend so much time thinking about what they should eat, what they did eat, what they shouldn’t eat. If today is your last day on earth is that how you want to spend it?

Part of my mission to change the face of the weight loss industry and save the world is to help people find a way to let loose of those terrible energy stealing thoughts running around in their heads. I want to teach them how to embrace the amazing creature each and every one of us is. I want folks to be free of their own emotional chains so they are freer to see and help the pain in others or to just enjoy the wondrous connections we’ve already made.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t find a way to make someone’s day brighter by making them smile or even better laugh. I definitely have bad days and troubles of my own, but I feel fairly confident that if today is my last day, even if no one comes to my funeral, I have in some way improved the lives of others and continue to live my life in the most honest and carefree way that I can.

I encourage or maybe even challenge you to do the same. Do whatever it takes to rid yourself of any negative talk and self deprecating behavior so that if today is your last day you can leave this earth knowing you were true to yourself and not bogged down with so much useless worry that you missed the important things.

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