Inspiration vs Motivation What does it mean to your diet?

With the new year just a couple weeks away, a significant part of the country is rolling around resolutions in the back of their minds. For many that once again means starting some new diet or maybe restarting one they’ve done in the past.

Unfortunately, for those dieters 96-99% of them will be back at square one or worse next year. And the members of the country who don’t see themselves as having a weight problem and in their minds have it all figured out will be loudly proclaiming that the rest of us just aren’t motivated or disciplined.

But what if motivation has virtually nothing to do with it?

There are so many reasons we find ourselves faced with what we consider food and nutrition struggles. But the one thing I see played out day after day in my own life and in the lives of my clients is this: If you don’t enjoy it and it doesn’t inspire you it is not sustainable. I have no idea how many times I’ve told myself I need to be on a regular blogging schedule or any other number of self imposed disciplines. And while it is true there are some things that just have to be done regardless, when it comes to major change, we simply can not beat ourselves into submission. Furthermore, if you are not inspired and have a solid comfortable and compelling WHY it just won’t stick.

I love writing and I love the feedback I get when I put out a useful post. But I’ve learned that if I attempt to force myself into writing just because I “should” what lands on the page is flat, boring and usually not even a cohesive train of thought. Therefore despite what I’ve been told repeatedly, I’ve had to accept that when I’m ready I will do it. Now that being said I can do things that will help to get me ready. I can listen to podcasts about my profession, I can talk to people about their particular struggles etc. If I do those things I inevitably find something that excites me enough to start the writing process naturally.

We can all do the same things with nutrition or any other aspect of change. Before beginning any new challenge in our lives we should look carefully at why we are doing it, how can we do it in a natural fashion such that it fits comfortably into our current routines and consider what aspects of this challenge we are actually inspired by. Maybe it isn’t motivation that is the problem as much as simply not being excited about the method you are using to get to your goal. Or maybe there is a more significant underlying goal you can’t identify because of the constant focus on what we see as our nutritional challenges.

If your desire is to lose weight consider what is your driving reason. Is it because you have long held a “perfect” scale number, clothing size or mirror image in your mind? Ask yourself how long you have held that want, whether or not you were ever actually that size and were you actually happier at that time. Finally would your life really change so dramatically to be worth the stress involved in beating yourself up about it now? What if you just let go of that idea for a bit and lived every day for the beauty it holds right now and for the other more tangible talents and gifts you have to offer today.

Do you know that the very act of turning loose of that stress could in itself be enough to start you on your path? Furthermore by focusing on the things that bring you joy and relaxation you in turn bring joy to those around you.

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