It’s all relative

There’s not a human out there who doesn’t go through some moments of self doubt and fear. It might be the fear of losing someone close to you, fear of not achieving some personally or professionally important goal. And the more “enlightened” or driven among us seem to experience these things more often or stronger than the average person possibly because the more you are trying to accomplish, the more opportunities there are for stumbling blocks.

The secret is to not get caught up in comparing ourselves to others we know or even to our own former selves. It’s also important to realize that no matter what stress we are undergoing right now and how difficult it is to see into the future, the sun always rises tomorrow and the new day inevitably brings a renewed perspective. In the meantime, know that part of being strong is knowing when to ask for help. If you need to call a friend or family member to talk you past the doubt it is not only acceptable but preferable for you to do that.

The irony of our tendency to compare is that it causes us so much stress and yet just letting go of that one little unproductive habit would do wonders toward launching us in the direction of our goals. If we gave up being angst ridden and stopped the wringing of hands the energy we saved would suddenly free our minds to think creatively and do the problem solving we are good at and require.

The greatest minds in our society can get so bogged down in the minutia that they forget they are human. Just feeling crazy doesn’t make it so. Understanding ourselves and what we need is the first step in achieving whatever we’ve set out to do. Hit the gym, get an ice cream cone, if you know it is just temporary then do what it takes and then wake up refreshed and invigorated.

We work very hard to be patient with our children, our spouses and our co-workers. We also need to be patient with ourselves.



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