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MeetĀ Roxy. When we met she asked if I work with negative thinking. She was in her mid-thirties, a talented but struggling professional, married with a 4-year-old daughter she adored. Roxy was also prone to getting pulled apart and walked over by her mother, boss and husband. She wanted to build her business, but was torn between being physically and emotionally present for her daughter, navigating communication challenges in her marriage, work demands, inconsistent with her needs, and a verbally oppressive mother. Intellectually she understood her challenges, but didn’t really know where to start.

Perhaps you can relate.

Roxy was suffering from terrible self-esteem issues, but was intelligent enough to understand the process and that it sometimes hurts more before it gets better. Rather than for herself, she decided to focus on change for the benefit of her daughter.

She began realizing she could say no for her daughter even if she wasn’t yet ready to do it for herself, and developed awareness of self-defeating patterns.

As we worked together, she began understanding the changes she needed to implement in order to overcome those patterns, adjust her focus and enhance her innate strengths to find the success in life she craved.

You can get there too.

Roxy is still at it. We still meet to discuss her progress and challenges. The struggles of life don’t go away, but you can face them head-on and succeed!

It’s time you got your life back. Let’s talk.


Roxy is an actual client of mine, although I’ve changed some details to protect her privacy. But what about me?

Maybe it will help you to know that I’m human, too. I’ve been through difficult circumstances and emerged victorious. But I still struggle with daily issues. The difference now is that I know how to recognize destructive patterns of thinking and stop them dead in their tracks.

We can’t always change our circumstances, but we can overcome them. Using this amazing gift we have called “the mind,” you can change your life. I’m living proof.



Meet Julie. As the beautiful, intelligent and talented daughter of a successful and respected small town surgeon it seemed a perfect match when my mother married the handsome college jock. As expected, they had the fairy tale wedding followed by two healthy children and an immaculate home.

For years, all outward appearances were that of the perfect family. But behind closed doors was another story entirely.

Rife with insecurities and bitterness stemming from childhood injustices, both real and imagined, she directed her anger and pain outward rather than looking at its origins and fixing it where it started.

As is common, these pains and insecurities travel from one generation to another and I became poisoned with many of the same difficulties, insecurities and struggles passed from my grandmother to my mother to me.


Is your story like this?


When we are young with developing minds, few of us have the confidence to think independently enough to allow us to shut down those critics, especially when they are our parents who most of society is telling us we must respect and listen to.

So my young, impressionable mind took her words as evidence of my inadequacies. Therefore, I came to believe if I succeeded, I’d fulfill her predictions. My naturally driven and perfectionist nature was continually at odds with the erroneously instilled belief that striving to be better, desiring to win, being first or in any way recognized for my natural talents, gifts and achievements were indeed proof of the worst kind of failing.

It didn’t stop me from continually attempting new things and challenging myself, but instead, I began to see failure as acceptable, and while being second place always hurt my heart, intellectually I justified it as the proper place for me.


Does failure seem to define you?


The difficulty increases when we begin seeing each of our failures as who we are and allowing it define our character. One by one we begin accepting our failures as not only expected but right. With every new one we accept we make successive failure easier to handle. Failure, not success becomes the norm and while we unconsciously being structuring our lives for this patternĀ our self-esteem also plummets.


Do you have low self-esteem?


It would take two more decades, allowing myself to reach rock bottom physically by tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds and on more than one occasion reaching the emotional certainty that I had nothing to offer the world and my life was not worth living. However, eventually, I had to realize that I had both a right and an obligation to meet my potential and succeed in what I was best at.

That’s where it started for me. Now I’m here to help YOU get that start!

About me, Dawn Keegan

Owner of Mind and Body Coaching, I’m a certified life coach, United States Marine, former fat person and author of the soon to be released book Honestly Speaking. I am incredibly passionate about helping women find their voice and develop the confidence that lets them lead the life they’ve always imagined.