Why I love being organized

I’ve long been the type who would detail clean the area around my desk if I had a phone interview. My walk-in closets and all my cupboards are full of shelves and bins to organize the contents of my home. There are a variety of reasons for this. The first is so that things are easy to find. When I’m in a hurry I find little worse than pawing through a drawer or box looking for some random item. I routinely take stuff to Goodwill if it has been unused for too long and Craigslist is my best friend when it comes to the larger items. The second reason for my organizational obsession is that I can’t stand having things fall on my head or on top of me when I open a closet or cabinet.

But organization for me goes much further than the material possessions in my home. For me I also strive constantly to organize my mind. I spend a great deal of time studying new ways to relax, regroup, and clear my mind of clutter for much the same reasons as I organize my home. When I need to recall something either for myself or a client it is virtually impossible if I have yesterdays stresses and tomorrow’s laundry list bouncing around unattended to. We need to learn to handle each daily event as it comes and move on to the next item.

And on the occasion I get overwhelmed, I’ve learned the best method for me to unclutter is a heart pounding and exhausting workout. For others though it might be a more zen experience like yoga or a walk in the park. You can settle lots of things through conversation with a friend or professional. Even playtime with the kids, spouse or dog might be the answer to setting the world right inside your brain. Whatever your method it is guaranteed you will be more productive and relaxed when you get back to your required tasks.

Being organized is not just about material things. It is also about our minds and how we approach life. We can not run around stressed all the time with a million things on our mind and expect to operate at optimum capacity or efficiency.

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